249-251 Chapel Street Prahran VIC 3181

Freemasons Victoria | Digital Brand, Websites, eDMs, Strategy

Freemasons Victoria is on the cusp of major change. This iconic global organisation is, in Victoria, undergoing a re-brand with new digital assets and strategies to bring a new crop of members into the fold.

The brief:

Freemasons Victoria had to re-create two websites; their public-facing site and their members’ site. Mobile responsiveness and a whole new UX structure was required, along with the digitisation of a new brand.

The outcome:

Kenobi worked with their brand agency, Pidgeon, to deliver two stunning new responsive website that will deliver a new member base. The digital roll-out extended to social media and eDMs, and new digital strategies have been created to introduce Freemasons Victoria to a whole new member base.