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Cutting-Edge Experiential Marketing for Melbourne & Australia

Make your message as clear as possible. Kenobi Digital conceptualises, develops and actions innovative engagement marketing campaigns for brands across the country. Our experiential marketing agency understands that in such a heavily digitised world, sometimes the most daring and ground-breaking thing you can do is bring your campaign into the real world.

In conjunction with our state-of-the-art digital marketing services, we help you create, realise, analyse and reposition campaigns. Our services can increase the relevance of your campaign to your customer, helping you connect in new and more rewarding ways. From managing live events and product launches to coordinating guerrilla marketing campaigns, our team can help you better reach your target demographic in a way that’s relatable to them and their experiences.

Developing tactile, on-brand experiences with fantastic cut-through

Smart advertisers don’t tell, they show. With customers being bombarded by more advertising material than ever before, finding intelligent ways to get under people’s defences and get your message to the right people is absolutely crucial. This doesn’t mean advertising more, just more intelligently.

Great copy and design are still crucial to a successful campaign, but finding a way to engage your customer and make them a part of your brand is what really converts. Kenobi Digital are one of Melbourne’s most innovative and dynamic experiential marketing agencies.

We make your brand feel important and relatable to your customers through comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategies involving both online and offline tools, including street marketing, event management, social media, blogging and crowdsourcing sites. Experiential marketing is such a powerful tool because it involves customers in your story, helping them forge a deeper connection with your company and become ambassadors for your brand.

Providing holistic digital services

Companies have to speak a lot of different languages to reach people in the modern marketplace. Let us be your interpreter. Working with you as a partner to your business, we’ll develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that reflects your brand’s philosophy and values. We help you demonstrate what’s unique about your company to your customers, setting you apart from your competition and bettering your position in the market.

Discuss your needs with our staff at our Melbourne office on +61 03 8618 6834, or contact our Melbourne and LA locations via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.