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Fancy 314,176 views? Make friends with your digital enemies

Fancy 314,176 views? Make friends with your digital enemies
March 23, 2015 Jess Donnellan

Fancy 314,176 views on your next marketing campaign?

That’s the number of views from Anna Wintour on her own YouTube channel as a result of the recent Zoolander sequel movie announcement.

Anna Wintour Talks Runways with Derek Zoolander and Hansel Backstage at Valentino

But you needn’t be ridiculously good looking, nor tangle with glory holes at a German fetish festival a la the stars of Unfinished Business to achieve these. Capturing the now and the creative for your next campaign is easy.

Didn’t get the memo?

Let’s look at a couple of recent executions for the films Unfinished Business and the Zoolander sequel that have been doing the rounds of social media sites in the last fortnight. In a partnership with Getty Images and 21st Century Fox, publicity for Unfinished Business included a spoof series of photo shopped stock images – free to download – poking fun at the medium of stock image collections and advertising stereotyping.

Each week a small selection are being released, creating the myth of scarcity (common parlance in economics and business) – evidence of how deep-level the marketing team have planned. For Zoolander 2, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week as their ‘incredibly good looking’ personas Derek Zoolander and Hansel, bombing the Valentino show and dominating hashtags for the day and weeks following. On the Zoolander Facebook page, the announcement on March 10 amassed 65,635 likes, and over 30,605 shares.

Vines ran hot with footage from those watching as it happened. Marie Claire Creative Director Nina Garcia enjoyed a spike on her Vine account from her front-of-stage video of the show, edging closer to 26,000 loops with this quote “A #zoolander2 moment today #pfw. VVFriedman, NYT and INYT Fashion director/chief critic also added to the organic chatter, racking up 65.2K likes and 10.8K revines posting “Zoolander came to @MaisonValentino #pfw

Even Stiller’s Instagram account played into the campaign with a backstage snap garnering over 110K likes with this quote:

“Apparently Derek and Hansel have come to terms on #Zoolander2″.



For the Unfinished Business campaign, the stock image spoof was just the tip of the iceberg.

Movie time app Fandango posted this stellar mock infographic “How to Business Like A Pro”.


The team also tapped in to the new craze of the GIF animated keyboard, tweeting:

“Step up your texting game and download Riffsy GIF keyboard today for exclusive Unfinished Business gifs.”

Even the professional PowerPoint presentation app Slideshare got targeted, with ‘How To Get Ahead (Without Really Trying)’ and ‘Crisis Management’ Slideshares scoring close to 350 views combined.

So what can we learn from these viral sensations?

Make friends – even with enemies.

In fact the only enemy is complacency. Just because your brand falls outside standard social media channels is not enough reason to discount it. Many might still see social media apps as the enemy, but the traditional media marketplace is like your grandparent’s house – stale and full of things that no longer have a purpose in modern life.

Apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Vine are not just the domain of tweens and the selfie-stick generation. Know where your audience hangs out. Stun them by bringing your product or brand direct to their inboxes. Populate or Perish The equation is simple. More channels, more people, more cross-media pollination equals a presence which can’t be ignored. Timing is everything. Switched on campaigners will have a long range calendar of key dates and be able to locate the best time to pounce or to plan that long range campaign ahead of time.

Take risks, embrace the unexpected and enjoy the ride The team behind the Zoolander stunt at Paris Fashion Week walked a fine line between being funny and making fun of what probably one of the most highly important events on the fashion calendar. On the other side, Unfinished Business certainly didn’t receive rave reviews, but the fact it was hardly in the running for an Oscar makes the type of campaign executed far less risky. At the end of the day, while well executed viral campaigns will create plenty of ripples, that’s just the start. It is even more important to have a team managing your brand long after the initial hype is over.

Are you using the force of deep level engagement and social media integration to drive your campaign?

Successful brands are becoming platforms and need to do more than just drive consumers to a purchase, they have to inspire them to participate. Melbourne based Kenobi are an outfit primed to put the traditional hacks on notice.

What is Kenobi?

Wise, creative digital. That’s the take home message ladies and gents. Get in touch with the (ridiculously good looking) bunch at Kenobi Digital –send any questions and your briefs; extra-large to small!