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Kenobi is a full-service creative digital agency. We are an experienced team that thinks first as marketers yet has serious digital chops. We start with strategy, make hot creative, produce your digital asset, drive campaigns and measure & report.

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Digital Development

Kenobi builds websites

Kenobi builds websites, including e-commerce sites, mobile sites, and digital assets for experiential events. We specialise in Magento and WordPress, and can design, build test and launch your next digital asset.

Digital Production

Kenobi produces major projects

Kenobi has highly experienced digital producers on our team, who can come into your project and professionally produce and manage the delivery. We’ve produced some major projects, including top-tier retail brands, telco projects and major financial services platforms. We can also slot producers into your team or agency.

Digital Marketing

Kenobi creates digital campaigns

It’s one thing to build a great website or e-store. You then need to drive traffic. You need to create campaigns. You need to ensure Google knows your site is there, and customers are being enticed to visit. We create campaigns, from creative to briefing your SEM agency, to delver winning digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Copywriting

Kenobi writes winning content

When it comes to copywriting, digital is just that little bit different. Google isn’t a person, so Kenobi writes catchy copy that is on-brand, yet still satisfies the digital requirements of our search-engine era. We produce blogs & articles, app content, social content, e-commerce content and more.

Social Media

Social media is your audience

Social media is where your audience lives. It’s the single most disruptive channel set in marketing in the last 30 years. Kenobi run social media campaigns, creative, copywriting, strategy, reporting and crisis management campaigns for some of Australia’s largest brands.

Video for social

Social video is on the move

Video has permeated every social channel. Video drives purchases, engagement, traffic and brings your brand to life. Kenobi is a digital video producer and can produce one-off campaign creative and ongoing video Instagram content. We also offer content packages.

Digital Design

Designing for digital

Audiences respond to design differently when they’re online. Aside from technical know-how that’s needed when designing for digital, people respond to creative in different ways. You need to work with digital design specialists like Kenobi for great digital results.


Digital brings experiences to life

Experiential marketing brings your brands to life by creating touch-and-feel live experiences. Digital enhances these experiences, collects data, and delivers longevity through collecting sales leads, social media audiences and marketing data. Kenobi is an experiential digital specialist.

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Kenobi works with creative, media buying, PR and other marketing agencies as their digital partner to deliver great digital results for their clients.

Kenobi Digital is a proud, and frequent, collaborator with agencies of all kinds. From ATL agencies, to media buying agencies, PR agencies and creative agencies, we love working together to make great digital happen.

The reality is that digital requires a unique approach to creative, often platform-specific skills, and social media channels are always evolving. Kenobi works with agencies who want to deliver the best for their clients by bringing in specialists when they’re needed.

Kenobi works on an ongoing and project basis, as required, and in some cases the agency prefers that we take a white-label approach, which we frequently do.

If you’re an agency seeking to add a digital edge to your offer and retain your clients, please get in touch with Kenobi, as we’d love to speak with you.