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Video is key to the success of social media campaigns. According to Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Industry Report, 60% of marketers are currently using video and 73% plan to increase their use of video. By establishing a video strategy for your social media platforms, you will maximise your engagement. Kenobi can create amazing social media video content, whether it’s for campaigns or ongoing ‘always on’ content.

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Whatever you do and wherever you do it, you need to be able to demonstrate to your customers that you’re a name they can trust. Video content is a great way to reach out to your customers. Much more information-dense than simple text or image posts, video content gives you the freedom to really explore your brand’s philosophy and values.

The technical complexity and artistic demands of the medium mean you need to be working with a professional team to make the most of it. At Kenobi Digital, our experienced creative team understand what goes into creating great, shareable video marketing material. You’ve only got seconds to turn a disinterested viewer into a convert, so make them count.

Our social media video marketing packages help make your brand more accessible

The numbers don’t lie. Companies that invest in video material for their social media campaigns perform better than those putting up static images or plain text posts. Get maximum value out of every second of customer engagement. Video allows you to tell your customer so much more with the same time investment on their part, making it a much more efficient medium.

Being open and honest with your customers helps to make yours a more trustworthy brand. One genre of material that’s relevant to any industry is peeling back the curtain and showing the inner workings of your company. From staff interviews to how-it’s-made videos to show reels and portfolios, we can help you create content tailored to your unique organisation, creating something that’s on-brand and speaks to your customers.

A new approach to online and offline marketing

Whatever your goals, Kenobi Digital has the expertise to help you accomplish them. From social media campaigns and crisis management to experiential marketing development, our company provides a broad range of services helping you to enhance the reputation and reach of your brand.

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